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POWER RESOURCING relies on Paytrek's Full-Stack PSP so it can focus on growing its business around the globe is an online hotel-booking service that just keeps getting bigger. Its sales have nearly doubled in only three years, nearly reaching 200M Euro annually. Its global reach has expanded from 35 countries to a staggering 187. It now offers 52 currencies when it started with only 7. And it processes transactions from almost 3000 banks around the world.’s success is certainly due to smart strategic decisions, one of which was to select Paytrek as its full-stack payment service provider. How has Paytrek contributed to’s success?


With Paytrek’s help, we quickly and elegantly transformed’s payment collection into a smooth customer experience. Their seamless management of our global payments —180 countries in over 52 currencies — let us focus on our international sales. We were able to grow almost 80% in 2 years.

Carlos Esteve Ferrandis
Managing Director of

The Paytrek platform adds value for in three critical ways

Offering multiple payment methods and local currencies is proven to increase sales, sometimes up to 30%. Paytrek offers a single platform that provides robust, reliable global reach to various payment methods and financial institutions. More specifically: 52 currencies, 187 countries, 3000 banks around the world.

Managing fraud and chargebacks in ways that save the company a considerable amount of money annually:

  • Automated fraud management systems.
  • Dedicated 24/7 team reviewing last-minute transactions manually.
  • Resulted in an average annual savings of 810,000 Euro.
  • Fully-managed chargeback dispute service provides a dedicated team to defend the incoming chargebacks towards various acquiring and issuing banks around the world.
  • Paytrek team disputed chargeback successfully with an average savings of EUR 378.000 annually.

Increasing conversions. It’s estimated that 50% of customers drop off during checkout when their preferred payment method is not available. Paytrek provides key features that assist in converting customers:

  • Tokenization allows to process one-click payment through their mobile app.
  • Over 52 currencies are processed in the countries where operates, all supported by Paytrek, as well as alternative payment methods.

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