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Merchants already doing business online likely have many relationships in place with acquiring banks, payment gateways, rewards programs and more — but whether they have a clear view into what’s going on with their payments is another story.

When working with Paytrek, you can choose to use Paytrek as your sole payment service provider or to add Paytrek to your existing system.

The good news is that either route you decide to take, you will be able to access one of the most valuable aspects of Paytrek’s platform: reporting that will help you to understand and plan your business more effectively.

Having a single platform with many payment options gives you insight.

Paytrek knows that payment processing is more than just approved or rejected status messages for transactions. By following the entire payment cycle, Paytrek can glean why certain transactions are approved and others rejected — and then pass this information on to you.

This insight will enable you to plan and deploy the right card or payment campaigns that will lead to higher rates of conversion in different regions and industries.

As cart abandonment rate climbs to trillions of dollars in lost revenue for retailers, it’s imperative that you’re optimizing every aspect of the checkout process — which you can’t do without the right information.

Paytrek’s simple, customized reporting lets you set specific metrics and define the template and format that is most usable by your organization.

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