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Maybe you and your team planned to go global for years and you’re finally ready. Maybe you have identified an opportunity in a new market. Or maybe site statistics reveal that you have a lot of traffic coming from a foreign country.

Whatever is driving you to expand your global reach, your payment processing provider will need to grow along with you.

Expanding into foreign markets has its own set of challenges, and dealing with new currencies, local banks, payment methods and regulatory issues are challenges you do not want to add to your to-do list.

With its roster of more than 100 countries, nearly 40 languages and 180 currencies, Paytrek is well equipped to not only deal with the realities of processing payments in these new markets, but to optimize every aspect of it.

One key benefit of working with Paytrek when expanding your global services is managing currency. Every statistics tells us that customers are more likely to complete a conversion if they can pay with their preferred method — and for many, that will mean their local currency.

As a merchant, you want to be able to provide these methods, while still collecting your funds in your own local currency.

This is where Paytrek’s Forex Management comes in.

Say you set up your account with Paytrek so that you are always paid out in USD.

When a customer from anywhere in the world pays for your services of products in their local currencies or alternative methods, Paytrek will process the funds and convert them into USD before transferring them into your account.

This saves merchants an incredible amount of time, resources and liability. Not only does Paytrek have channels established to receive funds from more than 40 payment methods, but it has the know-how to optimize these transfers so that merchants get the best possible conversion rate that day.

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