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Whether for business or pleasure, people throughout the world have come to expect frictionless travel: Enhanced experiences, timely information, fewer hassles and more choice. Implementing this level of service on a global scale can present challenges, to say the least.

In addition to a full suite of services designed for seamless international payment processing, financial reconciliation, and a vast array of local currencies, languages and payment methods, travel is at the heart of Paytrek’s story. With more than 15 years experience serving online travel business like and and millions of transactions processed, Paytrek understands what it takes to succeed in the travel and hospitality businesses.


Global online sales are slated to reach $2.56 trillion by 2018, with a large portion of that pie going to retail. Whether your retail business caters to fashion and apparel, electronics, or health and beauty, the details of your payment processing will impact your business.

With Paytrek’s full-stack payment platform, you’re able to offer customers seamless and one-click check out, options for how they want to pay, and local languages and currencies — all of which are proven to increase sales and conversion.


Digital consumption is up across the board: software, music, books, video, streaming content and services. This trend is not only confined to our homes, but to our mobile devices as well. With more than 7 billion mobile devices worldwide, increased access to broadband and dropping data costs, people are using and buying more digital content and services than ever before, and they’re doing it on every device available. On the merchant side, innovators and entrepreneurs are constantly launching new ways and platforms for consumers to interact with and purchase digital content and services, making flexibility in payment processing more important than ever.

Paytrek’s full-stack payment platform is optimized to make purchasing fast for customers and easy for you, whether for digital content, Software/SaaS subscriptions or social networking-based services. With seamless checkout, mobile and recurring payments, local currencies and languages, analytics and easy integration, tokenization and card vaulting, your customers can get what they want while you get the convenience and insight that you need.


A few years ago, it may have been hard to imagine the global reach of social web sites, for personal or professional networking. But now that people’s willingness to engage with like-minded individuals has been tested and proven on a massive scale, more social sites and services are gearing up to reap the benefits.

Paytrek makes it easy for online social networks and services to set up and process recurring payments and subscriptions for users across the globe — that means being able to offer local currencies and payment methods, no matter where your user base is located.


Financial services are an essential part of any business and so are the operations needed to deliver those financial services. Whether its collecting recurring insurance premiums through credit card payments or quickly processing for investors who would like to benefit from the rapid moving capital markets, Paytrek has the infrastructure to deliver.


While much of e-commerce may follow traditional single-seller retail models, marketplaces are nothing new online and are only continuing to grow in practice and popularity. However, one of the main challenges that arises for marketplaces is when and how to distribute funds to sellers. Full-stack payment service providers like Paytrek not only make it possible for merchants to accurately split payments among multiple sellers, but offers a significantly easier setup process than those merchant accounts usually provided by banks.

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