Sometimes challenges businesses face are just problems. Other times, they’re profound opportunities.

Paytrek was born out of the need for a payment provider that was able to work exceptionally well in local markets across the globe.

Metglobal, a global travel and hospitality rooted in a culture of technology and can-do optimism, charged its R&D team with finding a better way to process payments.

Day One

In 1998, Paytrek was a division of Metglobal dedicated to serving and as an internal gateway to process transactions.

Since its very beginning, Paytrek has had PCI DSS Level-1 certification and been processing payments through every major Turkish bank.

Ten Years Deep

Deep knowledge of a field is earned over time. Paytrek spent a decade working tirelessly to master payment processing inside and out, responding to new challenges with services optimized for the needs of global and local markets.

Branching Out

Paytrek took its first big step into alternative payment methods in 2008, by offering Paypal Processing.

A New Day

in 2010 after 12 years of processing payments within the global hospitality industry, Paytrek realized it had a unique position to offer merchants:

A full-stack payment platform that truly understands how to work with and optimize a global marketplace.

Paytrek emerged from Metglobal as a standalone platform and spent the next few years establishing itself as a credible presence in Turkey.

We've Come Far

The Future Is Bright

Paytrek is determined to provide a seamless full-stack payment platform that adds value to businesses throughout the world, and that means continuing to refine and adapt its services to meet the ever-changing needs of a global marketplace.